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About Us

We are Metro Detroit & Destination Wedding Photographers

All Photographs on this Page Courtesy of BAMPhoto

Our life is fun and busy, filled with laughter and adventure. Several years ago after getting married ourselves, we decided that we could be great at this. We could give our clients an experience to rave about. We could make friends in the process; friends that would send their closest friends to us for that same incredible experience on their wedding day.

We could sneak a slow dance in here or there or teach the crowd on the dance floor how to Wobble when necessary. Most of all, we could use our vision to create keepsake photographs that will remind people for a lifetime what it was like to be at your wedding....to break it down on your dance floor....to belt out a Journey song....to laugh along with the Bride and Groom on one of the happiest days of their lives.


Heather Van De Steene

A professionally trained photographer, Heather has been behind a Canon camera for over 15 years. Heather is a former special education teacher, very proficient in the use of (ASL) American Sign Language. She is a full-time mother to our two girls. Heather is a beekeeper at our sister company Three Queens Apiaries, is a director at a summer camp for Deaf and hard of hearing children, and is a hardcore organic gardener.

Heather is detail oriented and excels at tweaking hair, clothing and flowers until the shot is just right. She acts as our business manager, keeper of all things social media, spelling and grammar Czar, and tracks our finances. In other words, she looks fantastic in a cape.


Steve Van De Steene

A professionally trained photo editor using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, Steve is able to quickly remove that pesky telephone pole or garbage can from an otherwise perfect scene. He is adventurous and has no problem climbing a tree, or laying in a puddle to get the perfect angle. He has returned from a shoot many times with torn, muddy and even burnt clothing that has a great accompanying explanation. He manages our SEO, Website, and Marketing. He scours the internet researching photography equipment, editing techniques, or secret session locations.

Steve is an IT Project Manager by day, Web Designer, and climbing gym for our two daughters by night.